Many people believe they have no legal remedy for their problems. Not everyone has a law degree, which means that perception of the law and the remedies it offers are generally confined to common knowledge or past experiences.

Life is never black white. The circumstances of life and the problems and disputes that arise are unique to those they affect. This means that for someone who has a dispute, such as being wronged by a business, getting into an accident or even a disagreement over the meaning of a contract, the circumstances could cause someone to believe they have no recourse. A great example of this would be a written contract. There is an age-old saying “get it in writing” and many believe that once you sign on the dotted line, there are no legal remedies available, when in fact the law provides various remedies based on certain sets of circumstances, such as fraud or unconscionability (unjustly favoring one party over another).

Over the years, our office has handled a variety of these cases. We obtained legal remedies where clients were originally unsure if they would be able to recover. A few examples: a claim against a vacation resort for fraud, claims against a used car dealer for improper sale and failure to repair a defective vehicle, and claims against contractors who failed to perform in a “good and workmanlike manner”.

If you are unsure if you have a legal remedy, be sure to call one of the attorneys at McLane & McLane. We meet with you to discuss your situation and provide honest feedback as to whether or not you have a viable claim.