Abbe W. McLane

About Attorney McLane

A portrait of Abbe McLane - wearing a gray dress and glasses.

I enjoy working with people and sorting through their various legal issues, bringing about resolution and security. There are often many factors to consider, whether buying a home or planning your estate, and I’m able to offer information and legal options.

It’s astounding when you realize how many situations in life require legal support. There is a preconceived notion among the general public that you only call a lawyer when you have a crisis. That’s true in one sense; however, lawyers can provide legal counsel in advance so people can avoid potential crises in the future. You don’t have to be in trouble to need a lawyer.

Abbe W. McLane is licensed to practice law in Massachusetts, Connecticut and North Carolina. Her primary areas of practice are:

Phone : (413) 789-7771

Attorney McLane provides free initial consultations to help determine the best course of action. She is available to provide a personal yet professional approach to deal with the complexities of life from a legal perspective.

If our practice areas do not address your particular needs, we have a network of trusted attorneys that we feel comfortable sending clients to. Please be sure to call our office and speak to one of our attorneys so that we can refer you to the right professional.


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