About Attorney Nicholas Kubacki

Attorney Nick Kubacki brings a passion for guiding clients through the intricacies of estate planning, elder law, business law, and landlord-tenant law. With a focus on personalized counseling tailored to each client’s unique needs and goals, Nick brings a commitment to excellence in every aspect of his practice. He strives to assist clients in proactively planning ahead to attain lasting peace of mind. Nick’s empathetic approach shines in fostering open and comfortable conversations, particularly when addressing sensitive topics. His commitment is to ensure individuals feel not only well-advised, but genuinely cared for while strategically planning for their future. Beyond estate planning, he provides strategic guidance on diverse issues, from entity formation to contractual agreements, ensuring businesses operate seamlessly within the bounds of the law.

Nicholas Kubacki is licensed to practice law in Massachusetts and Connecticut. His primary areas of practice are:

Email: nick@mclanelaw.com
Phone : (413) 789-7771

Attorney Kubacki provides free initial consultations to help determine the best course of action. Heis available to provide a personal yet professional approach to deal with the complexities of life from a legal perspective.

If our practice areas do not address your particular needs, we have a network of trusted attorneys that we feel comfortable sending clients to. Please be sure to call our office and speak to one of our attorneys so that we can refer you to the right professional.


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