Ask the right questions to find the right attorney.

Choosing an attorney can be intimidating, especially if it’s your first time looking for legal representation. But careful evaluation can help you choose wisely. After all, your lawyer can play a major role in your finances, family situation, or other important aspects of your life. Find a good fit so you can feel confident about your future, by following these steps.




While an attorney’s knowledge and experience working similar cases is certainly important, often it is the softer skills that can make or break the attorney-client relationship. In order to best represent you, your attorney will need to gather a lot of information that you might not be comfortable giving to someone else. As such, it is best to find a lawyer that you inherently trust to represent you well and to have your best interests at heart.




In many cases, to feel comfortable discussing the particulars of their situation, a person must see their attorney as a very knowledgeable friend. Someone who they can confide in and get advice from, but not someone who is going to talk over their head. It is vital that you be able to relate to your attorney on a personal level. This will help you establish a clear and open dialogue with your attorney, without the misunderstanding and communication troubles that might come with a personality mismatch.



Finally, any attorney you partner with should be reliable. They should have at least enough experience to know how cases like yours typically play out and be able to spot potential obstacles or pitfalls to your being successful. You should know that when you call them with a question that they will get back to you promptly. With so much chaos going on around you, your attorney should be a stable force. That is why whoever you decide to partner with, you should have no doubts about their reliability.


Experience Matters

Before selecting a lawyer to take your case, one of the most important indicators of success is the attorney’s direct experience trying similar cases. Find out how much experience he or she has with your particular type of case. Many attorneys practice in multiple areas of the law, but it’s important to know that your lawyer is well-equipped to deal with your specific legal issue. Credentials specific to that area of the law are a plus; however, your attorney may have the required experience without an official designation.


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