Ryan P. McLane

About Attorney McLane

One of my favorite aspects of practicing law is finding a solution to a person’s problems. The idea of identifying those problems at their inception, working toward a solution that benefits that person, and seeing the case to completion is what makes me passionate about what I do.

Many people do not realize that they have legal options available when they have been wronged. There is a conception that unless someone’s situation fits into a “box” of what many understand to be the law and how it operates, then there is no legal remedy for them. Life is never black and white, and that is also true with respect to many areas of the law.

Ryan P. McLane is licensed to practice law in Massachusetts and Connecticut. His primary areas of practice is:

Email: ryan@mclanelaw.com
Phone: (413) 789-7771

Attorney Ryan McLane provides honest feedback and legal advice to potential clients in many different areas of the law.

If our practice areas do not address your particular needs, we have a network of trusted attorneys that we feel comfortable sending clients to. Please be sure to call our office and speak to one of our attorneys so that we can refer you to the right professional.


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