Slipping and falling in public can be embarrassing. Many people just want to remove themselves from the attention often garnered by the accident. However, injuries may not be immediately noticeable due to adrenaline and other factors. It is essential that you take your time and follow a simple checklist before leaving the scene of a slip and fall accident.

Don’t move

Take a moment or two on the ground to get your bearings. Are your arms and legs in an awkward position? Is there any pain? Make note of anything unusual about your position as this may be important for future medical care.

Ask questions

If there is someone nearby, ask if you lost consciousness. If you did, do not move. You may have a concussion or other injury. Have someone call an ambulance for you.

Move slowly

This is also important as a sudden movement could further injure you. Sit up first, take a moment, and then stand. If you are dizzy or do not feel comfortable even sitting up, DON’T. Ask someone to call an ambulance and wait with you.

Get medical attention immediately

Even if you feel fine, you could have an injury. It is important to have a professional diagnosis of any injuries to establish that the injuries were a result of the fall.

Identify Possible Witnesses Who Saw the Fall

Take down names, addresses and telephone numbers of people who are at the scene. It is important to get the information for everyone, including those who did not see you fall. If the property owner disputes your injury claim, you may need them as witnesses later to describe the conditions of the floor, the lighting in the area of the accident, and possibly the responsible party’s reaction to your fall.

Capture the Scene of the Accident

In our technologically advanced age, cell phones have become vital to documenting accidents and related information. Take pictures of the area immediately, noting such things as worn flooring, loose carpet, uneven concrete, snow or ice, and even spilled food or other obstructions. If you are injured, ask someone there to take the pictures with your phone. As soon as you can, write down your version of the accident as it happened while it is fresh in your memory.

Identify and Notify the Person in Charge of the Property

If you are inside a place of business, you should locate the manager-in-charge who will likely ask you to complete a report. Only provide general details of the injury to them and let them know of the conditions of the property that caused your fall. Do not attempt to resolve the issue at the scene. Until you have received medical attention, you do not know your true condition and should not attempt to resolve the matter before you know how serious your injuries are.

Contact an Attorney

Even if your injuries are minor, it is important to protect your rights. An experienced personal injury attorney can assist you with phone calls from the insurance companies and other representatives of the business owner. They also can help you recover money for medical expenses and lost wages related to your injuries. Depending on your injuries, you may also be entitled to monies for pain and suffering as well as future issues related to the accident.

If you have been involved in a slip and fall accident, don’t delay. Contact the knowledgeable and experienced personal injury attorneys at McLane & McLane at (413) 789-7771 or by clicking here.

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