Closing on a Home

From Finding It to Owning It If you’ve never purchased a home before, the entire process may seem daunting. When seeking a new home, you may find some significant hurdles along the way, [...]

Selling A Home

Getting the Best Value When you Sell Your Property Selling your home can be a daunting process, and it’s easy to get lost in the details if you don’t have a plan. Before you start to [...]


The days are getting warmer as we get closer and closer to those summer months, and that means motorcycles will be out and about. We appreciate motorcycle riding here at McLane & McLane, [...]

Noncompete Agreements

Understanding noncompete agreements is useful for both business owners and employees. A business owner understandably wants to protect his business interests and would like to prevent the [...]

What is Probate?

Countless clients have walked through our doors over the years, loved one’s will in hand, asking why they are denied access to that loved one’s assets. With honest intentions, they want only to [...]

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